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by Peter Moskos

February 23, 2012

I'm on Twitter

For those who believe this whole "new media" thing isn't simply part of liberal fiction and the socialist agenda, you can follow all my twats (that is what they're called, right?) @petermoskos.

Personally, I'm skeptical. I think Twitter is a plot to get us to believe global warming is real and everybody should have health care. What I do know is that my IBM Selectric II don't lie (And if it does, no worries... I've got correcto-ribbon)!


Anonymous said...


I know you are against the three strikes and your out laws, but what would your opinion be on a 74 strikes and your out law?


PCM said...

I saw that article and was thinking of posting on it, but I've covered it before:

I think 18 strikes and you're out would be just fine!

Anonymous said...

How valid do you think this is PCM?

A "vaccine" that renders heroin boring? If this tests well with humans, what are the implications? "Bagging and tagging" of addicts? Food for thought.


PCM said...

Interesting concept. It sure would be good for humankind if there some cure for those who want to kick the habit.