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by Peter Moskos

February 4, 2012

NYC marijuana and jail

Two good posts from Zachary Goelman. One on the latest death caused by marijuana (prohibition). The other on the new jail in Brooklyn.


Zachary Goelman said...

Always appreciative of the traffic. How's England?

Anonymous said...

Hey look more quotas. Can't NY figure out something better to do with lower crime?

PCM said...

Hey look... More corruption tied to drug prohibition. Can a dirty narcotics officer not think of a better excuse?

Your welcome Zach. What do I get you? 150 hits? England was great. I'm back in NYC, back in the teaching saddle

Zachary Goelman said...

The NYT has a piece on Kelly's tenure. Not particularly new but I appreciate the insight that he's slowly swallowed more and more authority while standing more and more distant from the rank and file. That, and the difficulty of further driving crime stats lower.
And it looks like you sent about 21 views my way, roughly tripling my average readership.
If you want to grab a drink sometime in Brooklyn, let me know.