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by Peter Moskos

March 11, 2012

America causes Christian Exodus

We did so in Iraq. Syria will probably be next. I'm not too confident about Egypt... but that wasn't our fault. Still, shouldn't we be more supporting of strong secular leaders?

I'm not generally one to comment on geo-political religious issues. I'm not really religious, myself. But I do think it's shame, and strange, that country by country, American presence seems to mark the end of religious communities, usually Christian, that have survived, literally, for millennia.


IrishPirate said...

Those nations did have strong secular leaders. Those leaders just happened to be thieving gangster dictators.

As Rumsfeld might say "Freedom is messy."

As noted military theorist and general pain in the ass John Boyd was fond of saying "solving one problem, inevitably creates another". Or sumtin like dat.


PCM said...

Uh, yeah... but didn't we invade and control Iraq when all the Christians had to flee?

Remind me what problem we solved again? Replacing a bad guy with a worse system is not a solution. Good intentions are worth bullshit.

IrishPirate said...

Well we got rid of Saddam.

Whether it was worth the cost to us and the Iraqis I dunno.

I'm a firm believer in the Boydian law of unintended consequences.

Wars are seldom the right answer. At least initially.