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by Peter Moskos

March 27, 2012

Man arrested after standing ground

Not in Florida. But in Chicago. He is 80 years old. Yeah, the gun was illegal... but still...


IrishPirate said...

Methinks he was arrested because of his felonious background.

We've had similar cases of non felons shooting burglars and no charges were filed.

I would have suggested a little discretion in this case and not charged the homeowner. Then confiscated his gun and let the 2nd amendment absolutists know where he lives so they could supply him another suitable weapon.

Personally, for home defense a shotgun is better. I always had a hard time shooting a handgun accurately during my glorious military service.

IrishPirate said...

Prosecutors drop charges. Which was fairly predictable. Another typical way around it would have been for the arresting cops not to show up, but this may have been too high profile for that to happen.


PCM said...

I guess happy endings aren't just for Bangkok.

I call that a good use of prosecutorial discretion. And all without the bad influence of the NRA and Stand Your Ground.