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by Peter Moskos

March 10, 2012

The more things change... March 10, 1830

When I was a cop, we got a memo stating the mayor's young daughter thought we had a dirty parking lot. The best response (from Gotti, naturally) implied something that would definitely be illegal, even with consent. Reminds me of this:
The Superintendents will take the greatest care that nothing is permitted, either by noise at relief hours, or by any irregularity or want of cleanliness in the Station house, or neighbourhood of it, which may justly give cause of complaint or annoyance of the inhabitants of the vicinity.
Source: Metropolitan Police. Instructions Orders &c. &c. 1836. London: W. Clowes & Sons.

1 comment:

Gotti Rules said...

Me make an inappropriate comment? No way! The scary thing now is I work in a high school surrounded by underage girls. Good thing I am all talk and no action. Miss you and hope to see you soon.