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by Peter Moskos

March 9, 2012

Prohibition Corrupts Cops

Funny how a few illegal searches for drugs might cost your job and next thing you know, you, the "good guy," is in prison. Why did you do it, Sarge? Was it worth it? Did you really think you going to win the drug war? From the Times:
Mr. Eiseman, who lost his job as a result of his guilty plea, had supervised the Impact Response Team, made up mostly of recent Police Academy graduates like Officer Carsey, in Upper Manhattan. The unit patrols high-crime neighborhoods.

Mr. Eiseman, 39, and Officer Carsey, prosecutors said, said they had smelled marijuana coming from an illegally parked van. In seeking a search warrant for the driver’s home, both testified that the man had admitted to having contraband in his apartment, where drugs and a gun were later found. But the two had actually learned of the contraband when they found pictures on the man’s phone, prosecutors said. The case against the driver was eventually dismissed.

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