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by Peter Moskos

March 16, 2012

William Hackley, Baltimore police officer, Historian

Retired Baltimore Police Officer and amateur historian William Hackley passed away.

Were it not for Officer Hackley, so much of the history of the BPD would be lost to time.

I never met him, though I think I contributed a few pictures to his website. Give it a look (and get ready for some old-school website music or turn off the sound). There's a lot there.

While Officer Hackley will win no awards for website design, he more than made up for that with his knowledge of, dedication to, and love of the men and women, past and present, of the Baltimore City Police Department.

Rest in peace.

2014 update: The website moved. Now it's here: http://baltimorecitypolicehistory.com/citypolice.


Kenny Driscoll said...

Bill left the to me and it was built here http://baltimorecitypolicehistory.com/citypolice/ I hope everyone will continue to enjoy the site, and send pics, and info


PCM said...

Thanks for letting me know.