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by Peter Moskos

April 4, 2012

California Prison Release

Off to bumpy start, says the LA Times:
Many of the ex-criminals are not showing up for counseling appointments, some care centers are not being paid and county bureaucrats are scrambling to correct foul-ups that have caused delays.
In the six months since, about a quarter of the probationers have been arrested for allegedly committing new crimes, which is below the previous state average for probationers.
It's kind of sad that one-quarter rearrested within six months is better than average. If any of you could figure out how to lower the recidivism rate, you'd be a hero. I have one answer: WPA-style make-work programs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WPA make work programs-

Can you clarify?
Do you mean long term community service instead of incarceration?
or do you mean come up with government funded work programs to "make work" like digging ditches or something?
Thanks, not sure what you mean.