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by Peter Moskos

April 3, 2012

Gathering a City Jury

Baltimore City tries to increase jury attendance. Currently only 27 percent of those summonsed actually show up. In one more rural counties in Maryland, the show-up rate 99%. Because, you know, it's a duty and you're not supposed to have a choice.

From the Sun:
Technically, the law allows for a fine of up to $1,000 and 60 days in jail, but both punishments are unheard of.
About 20,000 Baltimore summonses have gone out for dates through May 14, and the cumulative response rate to the questionnaire is about 60 percent, up from about 20 percent under the old system.
I've never served on a jury. I suspect my police background doesn't go over well with defense attorneys.


Gotti Rules said...

Hey Pete,
I actually got called for jury duty about 10 years ago in the county where I live. As you know, I was on midnight shift, so I went straight from the shift to jury duty (still in my uniform). Needless to say, I was immediately dismissed, but it was great because I got off the next night since I had jury duty. Ten minutes of jury duty and I got paid my eight hours and a detail day for it. What a great deal!
However, Mrs. Gotti just got a summons for federal jury duty in downtown. I hope she gets some huge federal case and gets sequestered (sp?) and has to live in a hotel room for two months! I couldn't imagine a greater summer with no Mrs. Gotti around. ha, ha

PCM said...

Without her, you'd be crying in a corner. The TV would be on but after a few days you'd be hungry, unable to operate the freezer door and microwave.

In fact, I suspect you wrote this (with great difficulty) just because you want her to beat you. Bad Gotti. Bad!

PCM said...

I think if your missus lets drop that she is proud of her husband for killing two men, one with his bare hands... no jury for her. You'll be well cooked for all summer.

Actually, she might like to be sequestered just so she can get some damn reading done for a change!

Gotti Rules said...

It is scary how well you know me. And Mrs. Gotti has been reading those damn books behind my back again! She makes up for it though because she has been making me crab cakes.
Also, you forgot kill number three, the bonk in the head with the flashlight.

PCM said...

I will forward that to my wife, who has the nerve to read in front of my face and does not me crab cakes.

I'm moving in with you, big boy. Make room on the couch, hand me the remote, and pass me a crab cake!

PCM said...

"Sequestered," she said, "That is a big word." But then felt bad about insulting you and wouldn't post her line. And she still won't make me crab cakes. She said she can't get Maryland crab. But I don't think she's trying very hard. Too much typitty type. Not enough mix, form, and fry.

Gotti Rules said...

You know Mrs. Gotti helped me spell that big word. I messed it up so bad, even spell check couldn't find it. Hell, I can do better than a couch for you, I have a spare room!
P.S. She even gets "jumbo lump" for the crab cakes! That is the big stuff!

PCM said...

"Even spell check couldn't find it." I feel your paid, buddy. Happens all the time. Usually google can figure it out. That's my trick.

College Cop said...

I've had Jury Duty 6 times in the 14 years I've been a police officer (and I don't dare not go, my department actually has a policy saying there will be discipline for not showing up for jury duty...we have lots of policies lol).

Never been picked once, and I've never gone to jury duty in uniform.

And in Dallas County, i fyou get Jury Duty, you're there until a judge dismisses you, so if you get there at 8am and don't get assigned to a court room until 2pm , you're just stuck there.

I always got cut loose during Voir Dire after filling out the questionaire asking "do you know anyone in Law Enforcement".

I've never gotten any proof, but i also suspect the Defense Attorneys :) .