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by Peter Moskos

April 9, 2012

Moving beyond prohibition

Three months ago, I became president of Guatemala. And contrary to the good fortunes enjoyed by [Drug Lord "Chapo"] Guzman, I found that the justice and security systems were not what they had been 20 years earlier. Which led me to ask myself these questions: isn't it true that we have been fighting the war on drugs these past two decades? Then, how on earth is drug consumption higher and production greater and why is trafficking so widespread?
Moving beyond prohibition can lead us into tricky territory. To suggest liberalisation – allowing consumption, production and trafficking of drugs without any restriction whatsoever – would be, in my opinion, profoundly irresponsible. Even more, it is an absurd proposition. If we accept regulations for alcohol and tobacco, why should we allow drugs to be consumed and produced without any restrictions?

Our proposal, as the Guatemalan government, is to abandon any ideological position (whether prohibition or liberalisation) and to foster a global intergovernmental dialogue based on a realistic approach – drug regulation.
Otto Perez Molina is president of Guatemala. Read his whole article at the Guardian.

Wouldn't it be nice if our president could show such leadership?

[thanks to S.M. down under]

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