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by Peter Moskos

May 16, 2012

Guardian Angels Stabbed In Chicago

I've always admired the Guardian Angels. They made me feel safe when in high school and riding the L alone, late at night. A man was being robbed, and they -- unarmed -- intervened. They got stabbed. From the Sun Times.

Meanwhile in Chicago, a group of 100 white out-of-towners take a stroll through the Southside.


Anonymous said...

These are the same clowns who got their asses handed to them in NYC as of late. And alas, no more masked mobs running through the streets of NYC. Like water or your typical thug, they seek the path of least resistance. Apparently, this path is Chicago.

IrishPirate said...


apparently there were 99 out of town white protesters and one out of town black guy.


I don't mind people protesting as long as they do it peacefully and with a bit of restraint and wisdom. This group here are a bunch of assholes.

Hopefully the violence will be minimal during the coming Anti-Nato meetings coming up in a few days.

I've been happily surprised at the restraint the Chicago Police have shown with the Occupy movement. I guess our short control freak of a mayor is wiser than NYC's short control freak of a mayor. Or not.

Why invite the idiots to your city in the firstplace?

Desi Arnaz Erasmus said...

And you're a white guy from the north side, telling the liberals what it's really like.

Between you and David Graeber I'll choose Graeber, for his analysis flawed as it is if not his fanbase. And your fanbase is just the mirror image of his. Anarchy vs Law and Order.

PCM said...

What? That makes no sense at all.

At least I can understand North Side liberals.

[Ain't no liberal like a North Side liberal because a North Side liberal don't stop! Red Line in the house!]

Desi Arnaz Erasmus said...

I said you're a white guy from the north side. I didn't say you're a liberal.

PCM said...

But I am liberal. And still confused.

Desi Arnaz Erasmus said...

Bill Clinton called himself a liberal and a reformer. Jonathan Kozol said either he wasn't, or it meant there was a problem with liberalism and with reform.

You make a good living describing the "reality of the streets" to an audience of the educated, concerned and paternalistic. It's a good gig. Call yourself what you want.
I'm out.

PCM said...

10-4, good buddy.

I actually make my living by teaching classes full of New York City kids. But whatever.

Anonymous said...

Is every police officer racist :(