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by Peter Moskos

May 11, 2012

Off to Charm City

I heading down to Baltimore for the weekend. It's been awhile. Watch out, because there's going to be a run on crab cakes and Natty Bo.


Anonymous said...

How was the baseball game?

PCM said...

Good game, even though the O's lost. Me and Sarge. Boat to Canton afterwards for beers. Good times.

Charlie O said...

Where did you go for crab cakes? If you haven't been, try G&M in Linthicum. Not far from BWI.

PCM said...
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PCM said...

I go to Faidley's for crab cakes. I have tried G&M. I'm not saying they're bad (they're quite good), and I know many people love them... but I prefer Faidley's. Also, G&M isn't easy for me to get to as I take the train to Baltimore and don't have a car when I'm there.

Here's the rundown on the G&M versus Faidley's experience, as related by my wife:

Shamefully, on this trip I had no crab cakes. But there were plenty of steamed crabs, so I came out OK!

Anonymous said...

G&M busted on two occasions for using blue fish for crab meat. Next time you come down Pete we will make crab cakes with picked crabs. I will share my recipe with you!