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by Peter Moskos

June 11, 2012

Fourteen Evenings in Beirut

I'm off to Beirut to see the missus, who has been there for a month already. Yes, Beirut, the Pearl of the Levant, The Paris of the East, Chicago by the Sea. 

Except for rolling blackouts, a near civil-war next door (in the country that imposed peace in Lebanon, naturally), and some burning issues in the city of Tripoli in the north, I hear it's great this time of year. Wish me luck and an uneventful two weeks. We plan to do some hiking (seriously). Don't expect much here in the meantime.

I expect our average evening to unfold something like this:

I picked up this record from the $2 bin at a record store in Greenpoint the other night. Nothing has changed in Beirut since the 1960s, right?


Gotti Rules said...

Good luck Pete. Have a good trip and don't get captured.

Anonymous said...

PCM enjoy your trip!

What do you think about this? BPD getting screwed by the SAO?