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by Peter Moskos

March 18, 2013

On policing and criminal justice

Part One of a interview of me by Michelle Brunet at Criminal Justice Schools Info is online. If they're nice enough to interview me, I'll be nice enough to tell you about it!

March 13, 2013

What I'm Reading: Gun Guys

Gun Guys by Dan Baum. So far so good. Especially if you don't understand gun guys. Or if you are a gun guy but don't like the NRA.

I've written about Baum before. Truth be told, I know the guy. Truth be told, sometimes when he's in town he lets himself into my house and eats my food. But none of that would have happened if he weren't a good writer.

March 5, 2013

Dog Bites Man

"Ex-DEA heads: Feds should nullify state pot laws"

Now there's a headline that doesn't exactly scream, "Extra, extra, read all about it!"