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by Peter Moskos

March 5, 2013

Dog Bites Man

"Ex-DEA heads: Feds should nullify state pot laws"

Now there's a headline that doesn't exactly scream, "Extra, extra, read all about it!"


Chief Scott Silverii said...

Great post, and yes it fails to rally the troops to action.
Where is the current DEA Admin in this issue?

PCM said...

I'm not certain. I think they're trying to figure out what cards they hold. Certainly it's safe to assume they would like to enforce federal drug law. But of course there aren't enough DEA agents to do so.

Anonymous said...

Too little too late.If the DEA heads, all of whom have some financial interest in rehab's or drug testing companies and who made this pathetic plea under the auspices of a right wing group headed by political hacks and discredited drug warriors,think that they can stop over 20 million citizens from enjoying the benefits of an innocuous and beneficial herb, they are mad.

No one really believes the reefer madness nonsense any more, and to support laws that were promulgated by the likes of Harry Anslinger,a racist buffoon with only political dreams and no common sense, they lose. it is well known that the attack on hemp was the issue back in 1938, not the " new" menace, the Mexican " marihuana", and all of the science, history and facts support easing and eliminating the restrictions on this benign plant.

No one really thinks that a substance far less debilitating than alcohol should be banned, and over 800,000 citizens arrested yearly for mostly possessing small amounts. It is a cash cow for cops, lawyers, rehab scammers and others who cling tenaciously to the money generated by forbidding a much desired product to those who want it, despite the fact that regulation makes far more sense than criminalizing it. Look at the Dutch..they use less by far than we do..look at Portugal, where all drugs are legal for use..the results speak for themselcves. All of the promised horror stories and dread results of use have been proven lies, and only someone beholden to keeping up the charade would dare to insult the intelligence of the people by claiming harms when none are evident. If pot was as bad as the drug warriors cliam, we would have seen the results very clearly over the last 40 years with millions of people using it without ill effect.

These old partisans are struggling to shut the door when the cow has not only left the barn, but been butchered and consumed. it would be laughable if not for the fact that there is serious money banking on keeping the herb illegal so the few can benefit at the cost of the many, and some day you can bet that we will see sensible regulation so people will have to show an ID to get pot at 18 or 21, instead of allowing the black market and dealers establish rules, and insuring quality and safety. Common sense has never been a part of the DEA's agenda, but now they will be forced into recognizing reality...they simpluy cannot stop the tide from turning, and and efforts to do so will end in failure.