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by Peter Moskos

April 8, 2013

Police officers' opinions on gun violence and gun control

A summary of the results of a survey of 15,000 police officers by Police One.


Dana King said...

This is a truly disturbing survey. Even in Tombstone, guns had to be checked before you could come into ton. A majority of these guys seem to be advocating a return to Deadwood..

Jay Livingston said...

The survey has big sampling problems -- small departments are overrepresented, cities underrepresented, with no statistical adjustment. But taking it at face value, you can't be surprised the cops have a conservative ideology or that they select facts (or invent them) to support that ideology. Most have no personal experience that would contradict it, and even if they did, one-time experiences don't have a big impact on ideology.

Dana King said...

Thanks, Jay. I wondered about the sampling myself.

What disturbed me more than anything is the willingness of these cops to decide for themselves whether a law will be enforced. I know there's a certain amount of that in police work; no one wants every law enforced rigidly. But to say they would refuse to enforce a new gun law is beyond worrisome, not just in the gun control arena, but because of its implications in other areas not currently under discussion.

PCM said...

They're saying they would refuse to enforce a *federal* law. Local police don't work for the Feds. I have no problem with that. Same thing could apply to immigration or legal marijuana.

Dana King said...

Sorry, I must have confused two things here. There's a sheriff in Colorado who has announced he will refuse to enforce the state's new gun control laws. I had this on my mind and didn't read the survey closely enough.