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by Peter Moskos

May 31, 2013

Hospital care and gunshot wounds

A contributing factor to declining homicide. Some more details about what's gotten better about medical treatment over the past decade. In the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

Advances in EMS and ER trauma care are definitely a factor. Not surprisingly, these advances owe much to combat medicine. EMS was basically born in combat(starting in the Napoleonic wars; Ambulance translates to ambulatory hospital in French).

This story brings back vivid memories from my time working in healthcare security at a major hospital and my more recent EMT training: The smell of blood pooling in the trauma room, the sounds of wailing mothers, the bravado of gang members plotting their next move, seeking out Cavi Wipes (anti-bacterial wipes)to wipe down my boots after inadvertently walking through blood trails.

Both sides of the established gun debate in the US are shrill and annoying to me. All the gun control in the world will not erase the culture of violence and militarism in the US. This culture is embraced from the White House to the projects.

Furthermore, too much gun control will empower a law enforcement apparatus that is--and always has been--on the fence, forever dipping its toes into a fascist swamp whenever it is convenient.

The political debate in the US always seeks easy answers. There are no easy answers in gun debate.

Dave- IL