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by Peter Moskos

September 2, 2013

Two more prohibition deaths

These two didn't die from MDMA. They died from whatever they took that wasn't MDMA. Why? Because of prohibition.

To blame drugs rather than prohibition is exactly the same as when, during Prohibition, "alcohol" caused blindness, death, and (my own favorite) Jake Leg. These are prohibition problems. Of course during Prohibition, prohibitionists blamed the prohibited drug rather than their policy of prohibition. They still do.

If you're not ready to end drug prohibition, how about testing booths? Testing booths would have saved these two lives. Clubs in Europe have them. But no, not here. You'd get arrested. Why? Because we want our drug users to buy from criminals and die. I mean, seriously, we don't have a system that prevents recreational drug users from dying because prohibitionists, perhaps yourself included, say: "it sends the wrong message!" Because preventable death is such a good message. For shame.

Every weekend, throughout the world, countless hundreds of thousands of people take recreational drugs, have a good time, and live to tell about it. The fact that anybody dies from taking what they think is ecstasy is as absurd (and real) as partial permanent paralysis from a shot of booze.


Anonymous said...

Any sensible person will see that the war on drugs is a crime against humanity

Anonymous said...

"Why? Because we want our drug users to buy from criminals and die."

Drug warriors would feign shock and take exception to that remark (ok, some wouldn't and they'd say, "what's it to ya librul"), but that is what is going on in the reality-based community.

I think this mentality is pretty close to that of the uber religious people who believe AIDS (or other STD'S) is god's punishment for homosexuality or promiscuity. If you see through the pious fa├žade, these attitudes are revealed as nothing more than a cruel hatred of "the other."

Dave- IL

PCM said...

Well said.

[and it seems that three are dead.]