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by Peter Moskos

October 2, 2013

Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?

Because of the War on Drugs.


Unknown said...

The war on fathers isn't helping.

Adrian said...

I get irked when anti-drug-war people make claims like "all of the people locked up for drugs are non-violent." At least in my jurisdiction, with limited resources, we target violent drug dealers for drug arrests. Sure, sometimes random traffic stops net felony weight but generally if you don't shoot people, we won't waste our time.

PCM said...

Adrian, I agree.

With a few horrible exceptions, you generally don't do prison time for small-scale possession. A violent drug deal gets arrested. He might get a few months in a plea deal for possession. But that doesn't mean he was a non-violent drug user.

All that said, the war on drugs has managed to increase our jail and prison population by 500 percent without any obvious benefit like reduced drug use or more limited supply.

PCM said...

Also, the NYPD doesn't lead the world in marijuana arrests by "busting up parties." But maybe that's another story.