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by Peter Moskos

December 30, 2013

A tale of two cities

Murder in Baltimore is at a four-year high.

Murder in New York City is at a record low.

Meanwhile, from Justin Fenton's Baltimore Sun article, in other cities:
Homicides across the country
Oakland, Calif. — down 25 percent (as of Dec. 12)
Philadelphia — down 24 percent (as of Dec. 16)
Flint, Mich. — down 22 percent (as of Dec. 18)
New Orleans — down 22 percent (as of Nov. 14)
Chicago — down 19 percent (as of Dec. 8)
Detroit — down 14.6 percent (as of Dec. 18)
Baltimore — up 8 percent (as of Dec. 24)
Newark, N.J. — up 19 percent (as of Dec. 1)
Washington — up 26 percent (as of Dec. 18)

1 comment:

Chris in Bmore said...

hi Peter this is Chris from Baltimore we met over the holidays and we spoke a little bit about Baltimore's east side where I live. I hope you're well and enjoying your traveling. according to statistics you mentioned I guess we need you back! :)
Actually I hope this is a good enough place to answer a question you had for me about the bible and what it says about slavery, whether it specifically condemns it or not. well the most succinct new testiment verse is 1st Timothy 1:10 the word in King James is "menstealers" from the Greek "andrapodistes" lit. " to bring a man to his feet" (to control him).So, yes its definitely condemned. There are other passages and verses that help support that but I didn't want to be too long in the post.
If you do make it back to Balt. let me know. Bye for now