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by Peter Moskos

December 5, 2013

De Blasio Names Bratton as New York Police Commissioner

This is exciting news for policing (and police research) in NYC.


IrishPirate said...

I suspect that NYC is the winner in this appointment. I've seen comments from the left and the right attacking Bratton today.

That bodes well for him.

As for Ray Kelly..........thppppt.

I only wish Bratton had become police superintendent in Chicago at some point. Now that would be an experiment worth watching.

IrishPirate said...

Two links I ran into the past few days that might amuse you.

The first is a bit hagiographic, but since that word comes from the "Greek" it will continue with a theme.

St Bratton parts the waters of crime:



PCM said...

Thanks for both those links. They're great. Take home lesson? Obviously Bill Bratton is Greek.