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by Peter Moskos

December 28, 2013

Victory for Free Speech

From CNN: "'Duck Dynasty' resuming 'with the entire Robertson family,' including Phil."

It's only a victory for free speech if you don't like the speech. Seriously.

And now I really want to start watching the show.


Lenard Neal said...

I've watched the show. It's hillbilly and dumb. And this latest flap has caused a rift between people at my manufacturing job showing up in DUCK DYNASTY sweatshirts, and the people trying to ignore the whole thing (me) and the three gay people on my shift, one of whom is an open lesbian. Personally, I like the lesbian more than the hillbillies, but it's a cultural thing: she's from Alabama by way of Arkansas, and we have similar family backgrounds. This is typical. Anyway. My thing is this: I learned, growing up in really bad places, is that is doesn't fucking matter at all what someone SAYS, it's what they DO that counts. You were a cop: you should know this. Some of the most vocal 'racists' I've ever met would crawl into burning buildings to rescue people of other races they professed to hate, verbally; similarly, the most politically correct folks, who narced people out for the 'N-word' and calling people 's---s' were some of the biggest, most narcissistic racists of any people I've ever met. Actions count. Not words. Down on the street? Where I still live? Deeds, not words.

PCM said...

Deeds not words. The motto of the USS Gettysburg.

I couldn't agree more (but we should still call out hate speech).

PCM said...

And showing up with a Duck Dynasty T shirt with gay colleagues is kind of an asshole thing to do that begins to cross the line from words to deeds.

Lenard Neal said...

I've thought the same thing. Ironically, the person Most Likely To show up in a Duck Dynasty sweatshirt is a hot hick chick/single mother the lesbian had a fairly obvious crush on until this blow-up. Now they are not speaking, making work a bit awkward.

See? many of these kinds of things are actually personal issues, not political. Hm. I'm going to have to think about that statement.

I'd like to find it funny, but... now it's just kind of sad. I'm thinking about telling the hick chick to quit it. It's obnoxious. She is, though, like, 19. The lesbian, it turns out, is 27. I don't know. I hate having to act as the 'dad' in a field of people of scattered families is annoying.

PCM said...

Unless of course that was the goal of the single mom, to stop getting hit on...

Get's so complicated. Sometimes acting the dad simply means telling people to stop acting like babies. Other times no good deed goes unpunished.

Lenard Neal said...

The best? the HickChick got popped for not having car insurance in WI; she comes to me (why?) and asks if she can get 'arrested for it' after the stop. I'm, like, y'know, "No." She then tells me SHE MISSED HER COURT DATE! Aaagh! I told her, "Sweetie, you need to go to a lawyer, NOW." She hasn't done it. So stupid! She says, "They can't put me in jail for not having insurance!"

Me: "No, but 'they', meaning, oh, your fellow citizens you hired to enforce laws,... WILL put you in jail for not showing up for a court date!"

Jesus Christ. It hasn't stopped the lesbian from having the hots for the hick chick. It's so stupid. I prefer old people in committed relationships/marriages to work with. God. I hate the New Lean.

And young people. I shake my cane.

PCM said...

I think not having proof of insurance *is* an arrestable offense (along with not have a valid license and registration). But most officers wouldn't bother unless there is some other reason they're pissed off.

FTA certain is!

Lenard Neal said...

Oh; in WI, we, believe it or not, didn't have mandatory auto liability insurance until recently. It's still, like, a weird thing for a lot of people. So the police aren't familiar with it, and a lot of times, in checks in my neighborhood, I have never been asked for it, and have actually been asked by cops, "Why are you giving me your insurance card? I didn't ask for that. I just need to see your driver's license."

I know. I have been doing some research, and Phil Robertson is 67. He reminds me of my grandmother who, at the age of 82, informed me, "Gay people are born that way!" I asked, as she was a notorious homophobe her entire life, "Um... why do you think that?"

She responded, "Well, they have to be! no-one would choose to be gay, it's disgusting!" My thought was, whatever route you take to acceptance, at least gets you there. I knew my grandmother, an old person, to bitch and piss about 'those people' her entire life, but to never actually act on it. I kind of feel that people in the US are just living too long. It's HARD to change. It's difficult to give up a value system that you were inculcated with, I know. It's HARD. It has to be done, but I think that the act of 'spanking' the Duck Dynasty Group and letting them know that, actually, a LOT of gay people watch their show, might tell them, 'cool it'. I view PR now, as kind of a new Archie Bunker: he's needed as a lightning rod to let people know, you know?

He is on warning: let's see what he does.