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by Peter Moskos

March 18, 2014

"Never again"

This is truly amazing. I cannot believe this is not an Onion video.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

“As the buses left, the only way to get those students back to school was to walk.” It too nearly 15 minutes.

One student noted with disdain: "It was sunny and windy. It was not fun."

(This walk of 0.7 miles, just happened to be the same distance as the walk from the subway at 57th & 7th to my school.)

[hat tip to Streetsblog]


Jay Livingston said...

The 57th St. crosstown bus. 1 FREE XFER.

PCM said...

If it's there, I take it. But it's so slow that if it's not right there, walking is faster. (though now there's an app to tell me where the bus is, which is pretty fabulous).