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by Peter Moskos

April 4, 2014

The black-market pot trade in Colorado

One would expect to see illegal weed sales diminish in states with legalized marijuana. It hasn't happened overnight. But I suspect it will. From USA Today.


Ryanaldo said...

It is too easy to grow outdoors.
they may end up spending more money tracking it than they take in tax revenue. legal or semi-legal growers will focus on the expensive hydroponics or "craft" weed.

Anonymous said...

For any state that has medical, or in Colorado and Washington's case, "legal" weed, the black market focus isn't going to be in state. It (MMJ/LMJ) provides an umbrella of legal protection for the trafficker to grow large amounts which are then sold to states where those same protections aren't found. I.E., the South, Midwest, and any state that doesn't have medical marijuana. The people driving the bus on all of the medical programs and now "legalize" programs are doing it for the money. Funny thing is, once the whole US legalizes it, the market will drop out and do their operations in. Look at the growers in California that fought the legalization effort because they knew it would affect their profit margin. Its always been about the money.