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by Peter Moskos

October 21, 2014

Score one for cop's camera

KOB Albuquerque reports how a lapel camera protected an officer against a woman's false accusations that he sexually assaulting her.


Dave- IL said...

Sex assault allegations are used strategically (as punishment, to divert attention from other issues) more often than people would like to think. It may not be PC to question the claims of someone reporting a rape, but this stuff happens. I mean, how many black men ended up swinging from trees due to this kind of behavior back in the day?

My two cents: Women who put someone's freedom at stake by crying rape are either sociopathic or they are mentally ill and in need of professional help. This woman needs help or she needs to be avoided.

PCM said...

You make a good point. Fake claims of sexual assault (and domestic violence) happen all the time. And it's not PC to discuss. But I don't think all people who make stuff up are mentally troubled (some may be). I think it's simple power. Or a means to an end.

Anonymous said...

Even outside of domestics and sex crimes there's an incentive to make up a crime when someone goes to the hospital. "I got drunk and fell down some steps and lost my phone" or "got my ass kicked after I tried to run from a drug dealer without paying" doesn't get your ER bill paid by the state's crime victim fund. Those forms require a case number so they have to call and do the whole "uh, black guys beat me up and took my phone" routine. We had one of our gay drug dealers report a drug rip/beatdown as a random hate crime.

David Woycechowsky said...

and thanks also to the taxpayers who bought him that camera.