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by Peter Moskos

November 30, 2014

Why are white people so loud?

Or (though you didn't know it) a favorite subject of mine: White People Rioting for No Reason. I'm surprised there is nothing from College Park on the list.

I have no moral here. Other than you can't fight stupid.

1 comment:

IrishPirate said...

There's a difference in the rioting drunken white people do after some typically sports related event and the unrest in Ferguson.

Generally the white people rioting(WPR) lasts for just a few hours and doesn't extend into days or weeks. After all it's difficult to riot if it's a bit chilly and you need to get home to put on a sweater.

The unrest in Ferguson seems to be made up of two groups. Folks or People looking to loot stores for the merchandise and the thrill and the professional anarchists who travel the world being professionally anarchistic.

In both groups there are also the hangers on who enjoy the party atmosphere. The anarchists are typically white, but on occasion some black guy will be part of the "black bloc" as the larger group sometimes call themselves.

My attitude is that the whole business is usually counterproductive to the cause being espoused. As for the sports related riots that's just whitey being stupid.