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by Peter Moskos

December 21, 2014

"Right now there's nothing I'd rather be than a Brooklyn cop"

A friend (and former student) of mine, Officer Musorov, just posted this on facebook. You might see him on the streets of Crown Heights. He makes me proud!
"When the Rhetoric of scandal -- rogue cops, racist cops, and so on -- becomes the received idea, when we are so engrossed by exceptions that they seem like rules, we still send cops out, in ones and twos, into angry crowds, fighting families, and darkened alleys, though stripped of a measure of defense" -Edward Conlon

The above statement was written seven years ago, but it's just as true today as it ever was. I'm not going to blame anybody for what happened today, except the person that pulled that trigger. But when you have had weeks of people on the streets chanting that they want dead cops, it creates an atmosphere that leads to just that. Nobody should kid themselves and think that rhetoric like that cannot possibly harm us. Anywhere in this city, if somebody calls us, we will come. That's ALWAYS dangerous, but especially so when you have people literally calling for blood on the streets.

But anybody who thinks they can intimidate any of us should think again. We will still answer every call for service as we always have. I work with some of the greatest people ever, and right now there's nothing I'd rather be than a Brooklyn cop.

Thank you to everyone who extended their sympathies, and thank you to my extended family in the 71, who I know I can always count on.