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by Peter Moskos

December 20, 2014

Two Officers Down

Shot and killed. Ambushed in their car in Brooklyn. Earlier the killer shot his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore.


campbell said...

Christ, now we're going to hear endless nonsense about how this waste of oxygen was "angry about Garner and Brown". Yeah, I'm sure that's why Mr. Social Justice Warrior started this escapade with a gutshot to his girlfriend.

Moskos said...

The PBA was quick to politicize this and blame the mayor, which is pretty shameless.

I wonder if it's also DeBlasio's fault that the killer shot his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore County.

And then who should we blame for Eric Frein? (he was the cop killer in Pennsylvania)

(And why is there always a Baltimore link to every crime that happens everywhere.)

Adrian said...

Looks like Brinsley was possibly BGF, and police had prior intel that BGF wanted to retaliate for the Garner decision by murdering random police officers. My guess is that the ex-gf shooting was because Brinsley expected to die and figured "why not take her out".


David Woycechowsky said...


I don't know what difference it makes what the murderer was angry about.

It is not like critics of the police are going to embrace him.

Moskos said...

I suspect he may have first just wanted to kill his ex. And then thought, as she lay dying, since I'm going away for a long time, I might as well go all out.
But that might be too much thought process.

Anonymous said...

If the President were to be shot and killed by a lone gunman tonight, the left would absolutely call out Fox News and the rest of the extreme right media, at least as rightfully so as this instance, for creating an atmosphere where such an act would be considered reasonable. So, for them to deny any responsibility and fain ignorance on this case is silly.

That said, if one truly believed that US cops were targeting black males for unprovoked murder, then war would be the obvious response and attacking uniformed members of an opposing army would be reasonable. The fact that this does not happen, indicates that people actually do realize the nonsense of such claims.

Moskos said...

I see what you're saying.

But man, the idea that somehow liberals or protesters make it open season on cops? I just don't buy it. And the numbers don't support it.

For what it's worth (I just checked the numbers) more police were shot and killed annually under George W. Bush than now, under Obama.

BI just looked

Adrian said...

So apparently at some protest in NYC, protesters were chanting "What do we want? dead cops! when do we want them? now!" However I can't imagine any of the people I know who were at the protests actually chanting that. I wonder how prevalent those chanters were in the protest. 1%? or 10%?

Moskos said...

I would guess not even 1%. But I was not there.

Still, from the cops perspective, they were still probably outnumbered by even just that 1%. And to be outnumbered by people calling for your death is not pleasant.

hotrod said...

Crowds behave differently than people, even than the sum total of the people comprising the crowd. One reason that I generally (not an absolute rule) dislike protests as a form of political engagement.