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by Peter Moskos

January 1, 2015

Choose your own adventure! The sick prisoner. (page 26)

You're a good officer. You stop the car and go to check on your prisoner.

As soon as you open the rear door, the prisoners jumps out and runs away!

Somehow he must have managed to get himself free from your handcuffs! Maybe next time you should double lock them. Or make them tighter. But then prisoners always complaint he handcuffs are too tight.

It doesn't seem like a big deal. And a few hours later he's caught. No harm, no foul!

But when you get back to the station, you're told the commanding officer wants to see you. He says to hand over your badge and gun. You're on modified duty and suspended for 30 days.

The episode makes the papers and prompts harsh criticism from police officials and the mayor. The police chief himself says publicly, like he needed to say anything, "You are totally off the streets!"

People make jokes behind your back.

Your career is ruined.


(start over?)

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