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by Peter Moskos

January 1, 2015

Choose your own adventure! The sick prisoner. (page 4)

Boy, with those lights and sirens on, nobody still gets out of your way. And though you want to get really fast for this medical emergency, you know General Orders prohibit any speed in excess of 10 miles over the speed limit. A few cars even pass you. But soon enough, you arrive at the hospital, safe and sound.

You rush the prisoner into the hospital, where the triage nurse doesn't seem as concerned about his condition as you are. Actually, the prisoner doesn't seem so sick now, either.

But better safe than sorry. You go to the waiting room and handcuff your prisoner to a chair. Your sergeant is pissed off when you request a second officer to escort the prisoner to the bathroom, per General Orders. Many hours pass. General Orders say you shouldn't be on hospital detail for more than two yours. But you inform your sergeant, she tells you to go fuck yourself.

Why isn't there a doctor in Central Booking?

Mike shows up and you ask if he's going to take over the detail. He laughs and says, "on view, on you." But at least he brings you a cup of coffee. He even asks your prisoner how he's feeling and sounds sincere. But you don't think he is.

You wish you had brought something to read.

An hour later, a guy comes in with a gunshot wound. He gets rushed right in. You know his admittance means at least another hour-plus wait for you. It was on your post, you're told. It probably would have happened regardless, you figure.

After five hours of waiting, a nurse finally enters through the magic automatic doors and calls the name of your prisoner. Behind the doors, your prisoner is inspected briefly by a nurse practitioner, who asks a few question. He doesn't seem too after prisoner can't be more specific than saying his stomach "don't feel good." You don't appreciate the disrespectful way the nurse looks at him, and you. He says the prisoner if fine. After another 30 minutes, you have the paperwork, the doctor's note you need, and head back to booking.

Sure, in hindsight it was a waste of time. But hindsight is 20/20. You never know for sure. Better safe than sorry.

Turns to page 9.

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