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by Peter Moskos

April 28, 2015

Messages to rioters

These messages also need to be heard by all the apologists for rioters as well. Especially those that live nowhere near Baltimore.

I don't know these guys (well, I've heard of Ray Lewis), but I find these unrehearsed personal messages quite powerful. Especially compared to pontificating buffoons who don't live in Baltimore and use the city's destruction to fit their ideological world-view. These are the perspective you won't hear on NPR or from your over-educated liberal friends.

First from Emeka Mbadiwe. Here is his facebook message to Baltimore Police.

And second, maybe my favorite, from Leroy Wolfgang Harrison. Because sometimes you just need to say, "Fuck you, you ignorant ass motherfucker." (Also, he uses "bank" a verb, a true Baltimorean.)

And finally Ray Lewis, an NFL player who knows a little something about violence.

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