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by Peter Moskos

June 26, 2015

Low Morale

The NY Post reports an NYPD study that says: "More than half of city cops have bad feelings about being a police officer because of their bosses." It goes on:
The findings also revealed 85 percent of cops feared being proactive on the street because they are wary of civilian complaints.

More than two-thirds say they have not taken lawful activity against criminals because they feared being sued.
Only 15 percent of cops thought they were trained well in crisis intervention and 18 percent in management.

The highest training rating was given to firearm training — and even that was at only 50 percent. Only a third of cops thought they were trained well in officer safety.

And training in both investigations and domestic violence was also rated badly, at a pitiful 26 percent.


Anonymous said...

What was the baseline? Cops love to complain.

Moskos said...

Very good question and point.

Moskos said...

But I'll tell one place they sure won't be asking cops about their morale right now: Bal-tee-more.

David Woycechowsky said...

Patrick Lynch is "hoppin' mad"!:


Moskos said...

Sometimes I think he just needs a hug.