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by Peter Moskos

October 9, 2015

2015 NYPD firearms discharge report

From the NYPD firearms discharge report for 2014:

In adversarial conflict, 58 NYPD officers fired 201 rounds in 35 incidents.

In total, 104 NYPD officers fired 282 rounds shot in 79 incidents.
18 incidents involving animal attack.
There were 4 suicides.

In adversarial conflict:
41% of officers fired one round. No officer had to reload.
52% of those shootings were in Brooklyn.
14 suspects shot and injured.
8 shot and killed.
1 suspect was “unarmed.”

4.9 million “radio assignments involving weapons.”
4,779 gun arrests.
1,172 criminal shooting incidents.

2 officers injured.
2 officers killed.

To put the NYPD in perspective, according to the data from the Guardian's The Counted, 7 people have been killed in New York this year (2015). Compare that some other cities:

Miami and Indianapolis: 8 each.
Dallas and Oklahoma City: 7 each.
San Jose, San Francisco, Austin, Las Vegas (NV): 6 each.
Bakersfield, CA: 5.

Collectively those cities have fewer people than New York City. And those other cities have seen 53 people killed by police this year.

For the NYPD:

1 comment:

Unknown said...

To make it even more specific, just three of those incidents involved unarmed people. While our dataset does not distinguish between "justified" and "unjustified" police involved killing, incidents in which an officer uses deadly force on a civilian who is in possession of a weapon are generally far more rapidly determined to be justified, whereas incidents in which the decedent is unarmed appear at first glance to be more complex.