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by Peter Moskos

October 23, 2015

Me and Bill O'Reilly

If you missed it, here's me on Bill O'Reilly's show from back September 1, talking about the non-increase of cops being killed. And here's me again on October 8th.


David Woycechowsky said...


David Woycechowsky said...

To elaborate, as you probably know, my big issue is policeman honesty. O'Reilly's history on honesty (even prior to this JFK thing) makes me think that he is the kind of guy who would not see police dishonesty as a problem. My biggest problem with mass incarceration is that I believe that it means that a lot of innocent people end up in prison.

The "socialist endeavor" thing was a nice rejoinder, but I think most vierers' inward response would be that huge prisons are a good kind of socialism that help the non-poor people who pay for them to operate. O'Reilly kind of hinted at this in his response to you.

Clever guy, bad guy.