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by Peter Moskos

October 9, 2015

The Freddie Gray investigation

Haven't read this yet, but looks interesting. By Justin George in the Baltimore Sun:
In the days following Freddie Gray’s death, The Baltimore Sun had exclusive access to police investigators as they gathered evidence, debated legal issues and weathered public pressure.


john mosby said...

Prof, I just skimmed the articles. Some reactions/questions:

1. The city must have a really good relationship with the paper to give them such access.

2. If I were the lawyer for Gray's estate, for anyone hurt in the riots, or for any of the cops, I would be demanding the Sun's notes, tapes, photos, etc., plus deposing the reporters and calling them to the stand, as neutral observers of how messed up the investigation was. When the Sun's lawyers claim journalistic privilege and the trial judge sides with them, I would appeal right then and there, fighting a huge unrelated con-law battle in the middle of this mess.

3. Didn't the city foresee 2 as a consequence of 1? Or maybe it's part of the secret Mosby/Rawlins-Blake genius plan to delay this thing until a different admin is in place for the final verdict....


Adam said...

Justin George says, "Reading the city code, it's hard to see how [Gray's] knife was legal."