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by Peter Moskos

December 16, 2015

Next up...

Porter's trial ended on Dec 16 with a hung jury.

The next trial, Caesar Goodson the wagon driver, is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2016. Goodson is charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder, manslaughter, second-degree assault, two counts of vehicular manslaughter and misconduct in office.

Three officers, Porter, Sgt. Alicia White and Lt. Brian Rice face involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office charges. White's trial is schedule for Jan. 25. Rice's for March 9.

Officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller are charged with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. Miller's trial is scheduled for Feb. 9. Nero's on Feb. 22.

(Definitions of those charges.)


john mosby said...

Prof, can you remind us of the job status of these cops? Ie, suspended with/out pay, modified, fired, etc? And is that status required by law/contract, or is it usual/unusual for this sort of case?


Moskos said...

I'm not 100% certain, but I assume suspended with pay.

Unknown said...

From the Baltimore Sun, Sept 14, 2015


"Goodson, White, Rice and Porter have all been suspended without pay because they face felony charges. Nero and Miller, whose charges are misdemeanors, have been suspended with pay. All six have pleaded not guilty."

Moskos said...

Thanks you, sir.

fh said...

2 questions: Any chance that there will be a breakdown of the hung jury or is there a gag order? Does Porter get back pay if acquitted of the felony counts?

Also, a comment: in my opinion the strongest piece of reasonable doubt the defense presented (not counting the part where some people think it was wrong to bring charges at all) was the timing of the injury. In a retrial, I think the prosecution benefits by having heard the Defense's expert since I assume the prosecution's theory was available already but not vice-versa. Is that correct or did the defense have to disclose prior to testimony?