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by Peter Moskos

December 18, 2015

Page Croyder is mad as hell

She's the former prosecutor who has taken to writing about her former office and its overreaching prosecution of the six Baltimore cops who in the neighborhood when Freddie Gray died in police custody. Here's her latest:
I said in my first blog on Freddie Gray, days after Mosby sensationally announced her charges, that she was setting up the false expectation that a crime was committed and that convictions would follow. She showed only the weakest of evidence in her probable cause statement, and it got worse over time. When the autopsy report revealed that she could not prove her case, the Sun said nothing. NOTHING. It had been moralizing and pronouncing legal judgments all over the place (see below), but went silent when the autopsy report made clear that an accident had occurred. The editors never delved into, never elucidated for its readers, the difference between civil and criminal standards of conduct, but instead helped perpetuate the false belief that they were one and the same. All it wanted after the autopsy report was leaked was for the trials to stay in Baltimore, where it was most likely that citizens would also confuse the issues. Take a quote from a citizen in the same edition as the editorial: "The city gave the family all that money. They practically said [Porter] was guilty. How can the jury not find him guilty?" And nearly every other quote from Baltimore citizens expressed surprise at the failure to convict.
Wouldn't it have been refreshing had the editors said, "Our bad. We trusted that Mosby had the evidence, that she knew what she was doing, and we were wrong. Instead they wrote two pusillanimous editorials after the verdict defending themselves.

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aNanyMouse said...

You may want to read a debate about this Gray/ Porter stuff, between David Simon (author of The Wire) and reader M. Gatelly, at http://davidsimon.com/aint-no-justice-its-just-us/#comments .