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by Peter Moskos

December 18, 2015

Snitching for Dollars

This is what the War on Drugs looks like. Just another day. From the Chicago Sun-Times:
One of Chicago’s most notorious informants — who provided drug tips to the police while secretly killing and robbing people and doing drug deals — was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his information with the approval of police supervisors who have since reached the highest levels of the department, records show.

Saul Rodriguez was a top snitch for the Chicago Police Department’s narcotics section between 1996 and 2001. Over that period, he received more than $800,000 from the department for his information.
During those years, Rodriguez was involved in two killings and other serious crimes like holdups, according to federal prosecutors.
Rodriguez, the informant, was a partner in crime with Lewellen, his police handler, federal authorities say. Both men went to prison in 2012 in a federal conspiracy case. Sanchez has never been charged and has denied any wrongdoing.

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Concerned citizen said...

"In debating social policy through the language of war, we often forget the moral reality of war."--James Childress