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by Peter Moskos

January 11, 2016

You cheap lazy bastards!

So I go to my school office today (the first time since before X-mas), and what's there for me? A nice letter from somebody thanking for my blog. That's very sweet. You're very welcome.

But you know what made it even better? No, you don't, because it wasn't from you, you cheap lazy bastard! (Except for you who sent it to me, of course.)

I'll tell you what's better than a nice thank-you letter: the $20 bill that fluttered like manna from the note.

Hell, yeah!

So what do I do? I followed the instructions and had a few drinks.

I may not be posting till February. But please do keep the cash coming.

1 comment:

Noumenon said...

I always leave a $1 tucked into every comment I make, but you never take it. I figured you were leaving them for the bitcoin miners to find.