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by Peter Moskos

February 2, 2016

How much I make (III)

I received a courtesy call from John Jay's legal department about a FOIL (freedom of information law) request made for my records. One person, whom I won't name but I presume reads this, wanted A) my letter of appointment and B) to know how much I make. You'll have to trust me that I did get my job, but my salary is public record! Here, as they say, let me google that for you.

Of course it always is a bit creepy to know somebody cares enough about you to file a FOIL request. But dude, why waste your time? Just ask.

I've always been open about how much I make. People, workers in particular, should talk more about how much or little they make. Knowledge is power. Only your boss and rich people want everything hush-hush.

Here, this is better than what you got from John Jay. It's my W-2:

My base salary is $88,418 (I had to look that up). My pay check? My monthly take-home pay? About $4,000. My income was lower last year because I was on sabbatical for the academic year 2014-2015, which meant I was earning 80 percent.

Add to that a couple thousand dollars from Princeton Press royalties for Cop in the Hood, a few hundred for Greek Americans, $1,200 for my published op-eds, and $2,300 income from airbnb rentals. There were a couple "modest honoraria" in there as well, probably less than $1,000 total. With no kids, no car, an affordable mortgage, and a working wife, we are, as they say, comfortable.

If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know.


Andy D said...

You forgot to add that only a busybody cares what an academic, author and public interest blogger earns. Keep up the good work. You can't refer to them as an A-hole for asking, I suppose. But I can. Enjoying the blog as always.

Moskos said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

bacchys said...

Count me as among those who appreciates your contribution to the national discussion, even if we don't agree on everything.

And I don't care what you make. I'm just glad it's enough for you to have this blog...

IrishPirate said...

Maybe someone was pissed off about your relatively pro policing posts and writing. Perhaps they were planning to march on City Hall demanding that you be fired for your views. Perhaps not. After all when you suggest good policing can have positive effects you are subverting the dominant academic paradigm.

"The simplicity of hubris is open-minded in its sociology."


Lotsa overly politically correct people out there willing to call for "muscle" to silence the opposition. Similar thing happens among the right wing nutjobs too.

In Chicago some female comedy performers have been complaining about
sexual harassment in the improv world. Many of their complaints are legitimate, but some are flat out crazy.

It's not reflected in this story, but one female in that world lamented that police can't arrest stand up comedians who make offensive statements during their routines.


Of course it could just be a distant relative curious about what you make. I have cousins who know my property tax bill better than I do. The glory of the internet and public information.