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by Peter Moskos

March 25, 2016

"Queens Man Accused of Making Over 30 False Calls to 911"

This doesn't happen enough (the prosecution, not the BS calls to 911):
In all, the authorities said, more than 30 calls were made over a month, none for actual emergencies. On Friday, prosecutors in Queens said that they had all been traced to one man.

He told the fire marshal investigating the case that he made the calls. “My uncle is verbally abusive to me,” he told the investigator, referring to a relative with whom he lives, “and the sound of sirens calms him down.”

The man, Kenneth Campbell, 47, of the Briarwood neighborhood, has been charged with five counts of making a terroristic threat and more than two dozen counts of false reporting of an incident, prosecutors said.


Ashley Shell said...

Wow...why doesn't the guy get a recording on his cell phone or something of a siren? Way more cost effective than wasting resources and tax payers money. Glad he was prosecuted though. The judicial system now a days is too lax.

Kyle said...

"The judicial system now a days is too lax."


Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.


Moskos said...

Parts of the judicial system are too lax. The judicial system is erratic. It is ineffective much of time. And then as if to make up for it, it's way too harsh much of rest of the time.