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by Peter Moskos

April 2, 2016

How people get killed

Murders are usually thought of in the abstract. People "get killed." Homicides "rates" go up or down. But to each killing, there's a person who kills and a person killed. This isn't really understood by those who don't live or work in high crime areas. (Yes, while murder can happen anywhere... no, murder actually doesn't happen everywhere).

Not to glorify snuff films -- because, spoiler alert, this guy gets killed [update: or maybe just critically wounded] -- but I think it's important to understand the individual nature or homicides when talking about crime and police.

From the Daily News:
Police statistics said that as of Wednesday morning there had been 727 people shot and 135 homicides so far this year in the city of Chicago.

However, the Chicago Tribune reported at 9 p.m. that nine more people had been shot during the course of the day, including a 23-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, who were both killed.

The incident is the latest in the city's most violent start to a year since 1999.

Earlier this week a young woman named Camiella Williams, 28, told The Trace that she has lost 23 loved ones to shootings, and is now an anti-gun violence advocate.

As the story was being edited another one of her friends, 27-year-old Cordero Mosley, was shot six times and died.


Anonymous said...

"Not to glorify snuff films -- because, spoiler alert, this guy gets killed"

As of the news reports I've seen (and the one linked) he was in critical condition.

Moskos said...

Really? You'd think of couple bullets at point blank range would do him in.

Anonymous said...

Modern medicine and bad guy accuracy saving lives since forever