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by Peter Moskos

June 16, 2016

Politics, Police, and Prosecution

One thing that may be worth considering is the position of former commissioner Anthony Batts and current Commissioner Kevin Davis as to whether or not the officers should have been criminally charged in the first place.

Perhaps Batts thought of Gray's death as more of civil issue (which was the correct position) and Batts pushed back against the mayor and state's attorney. It's entirely possible that before the cops were indicted on May 1, 2015, there were some meetings between Davis and city leaders in which Davis agreed with the elected officials. Batts was fired on July 8th, and Davis took over. Presumably this eased some pressure on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and State's Attorney Mosby.

It would be a shame if somebody got the top job by being willing to throw six officers under the bus in a mistaken criminal prosecution. Or is such backroom drama just business as usual?

On the plus side, Davis has done a better job at actually being commissioner.

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