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by Peter Moskos

July 25, 2016

20 People Shot at Florida Nightclub (ho hum)

From the Times:
Two teenagers were killed and at least 18 people were wounded early Monday when attackers raked a crowd with gunfire outside a nightclub here that had been hosting a party for young people, the authorities said.
Sound familiar? Yeah, because it is. But this isn't even the main story of the day.

It kind of started as news, but then, you see, the victims weren't gay, or white, or blacks shot by cops, and the shooter (or shooters) wasn't a "terrorist," which really means he didn't have an Arabic last name, nor a "troubled" white kid.

Obama won't speak about it; Trump won't claim he can fix it. You know, it was just one of our "routine" mass shootings. The story is demoted to "Fort Myers shooting: 2 dead outside teen party at club," like these lives don't matter. Like this is acceptable in a civilized society. No matter a 12-year-old was killed, it's just "ghetto" crime. Dog bites man.

Just think of the news editors who really ask these questions before keeping "Convention Tension" as the lead story of the day.

What a country.

1 comment:

K said...

I feel less and less like "All Lives Matter" is an inappropriate rejoinder. Aren't people utilitarians/consequentialists? [Of course they're not.] How is it that these lives don't matter?

If nothing else, this would be a perfect opportunity to beat the drum of gun control. The silence otherwise is deafening.