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by Peter Moskos

June 14, 2018

Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder

Over on our Quality Policing podcast, Nick Selby and I hit the road and interview Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder

Nassau County, if you don't know, is the closer of two counties on Long Island outside of New York City. It's largely a low-crime suburban community but has been in the news lately because of MS-13 and also a high number of drug overdose deaths. 1.3 million people live in Nassau County and the police department is (give or take) the nation's 15th largest.

We discuss information sharing, gangs, immigration, drugs, opioids, diversion court, the PC police, technology, relations with the Muslim community, and so much more.


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Unknown said...

Dear Peter,

Fan of your blog and podcast.

Thought I would pass this along.

My latest on tech and policing and how crazy laws like SB-1186 in California are dangerous

Here it is



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Unknown said...

Dear Peter,
I am a big fan of your books and blog. Freshman year of college I read your Cop in the Hood book and fell in love with the study of criminal justice. I agree on your viewpoints and find them entertaining but on a real side. I say real side because I believe you have the credentials to the opinions you are putting in your books and turning them into valid reasoning on how we should do things regarding our criminal justice system. I have just recently finished your book 'In Defense of Flogging' and I have never even thought about that idea! It blew my mind that we do not enact this today and how much money could be saved. My favorite part about the book was when I would read it in public people would ask what the heck I was reading or would chuckle. I have told my family and some close friends about this method and was surprised on how much agreement we came to if this was the case in real life. You are inspiration I would absolutely LOVE to have your job and get to a career similar to yours!
Thank you for taking the time to read these comments.
Audrey Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana!