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by Peter Moskos

September 14, 2018

Michael Wood Jr. took money from veterans

Michael Wood Jr, a former Baltimore cop, confessed many of his sins a few year ago. Because of that, he became a darling of the anti-cop left who mistook his confessing for whistle blowing. Pretty much everybody who ever worked with the guy has stories about him, and not favorable ones. I never met the guy, but I think he saw me as his nemesis. Anyway, he got his when he was shut down by the #MeToo movement and also by the fact he took a bunch of money from veterans. And pocketed the cash. He's not a force for good, no matter how much he says about how horrible police are. Mostly he just looks in the mirror.

I've written about him before. Pulled a few punches, honestly.

This story appeared a few months ago in High Country News.


Unknown said...
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Moskos said...

And I'll keep deleting your comments, because I'm not interested in a "debate" about your ethics.